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Grim Defender - Castle & Tower Defense

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Grim Defender - Castle Defense

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August 30, 2017 (Android)
July 7, 2018 (iOS)

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Byteghoul UG (haftungsbeschränkt)
Karl-Philipp-Strasse 21
91626 Schopfloch

+49 (0) 9857 9759711


Grim Defender is the ultimate free to play castle defense game. You defend against waves of monsters, level up your defense and grow stronger and stronger. The dark army is your enemy and keeps coming for you - fight with powerful crossbows, spells, traps, modules and legendaries! Craft and customize your defense in ways that you have never seen before; non-linear defense and upgrade setup, hundreds of viable builds and social features that allow you to compare and compete your castle build with other players make Grim Defender a unique game that you do not want to miss. Download now for free on Android and iOS!


  • Defend your castle against waves of monsters.
  • Upgrade your defense and grow stronger and stronger.
  • Endless procedural levels, more than 30 enemy types and hundreds of unique boss fights.
  • Fully customizable defense with hundreds of viable unique builds.
  • 25 crossbows, 12 spells, 12 traps, 20 modules and more than 20 powerful legendaries - craft the best combination!
  • Comprehensive leaderboard; see how other players defend their castle and compete.
  • Dailies, quests and a competitive player versus player mode (coming soon).
  • Hardcore mode for the best of the best defenders.


Grim Defender is the first game of BYTEGHOUL GAMES, a new German indie game developer. We worked on Grim Defender for nearly two years, which is an insane amount of time for a mobile castle defense, but it was worth it; we believe that we have created the most engaging castle defense game on the market. Check our stats and reviews!


The first 4 weeks after release showed that our players love the game; looking at the first 10.000 downloads, Grim Defender received a 4,6 / 5 rating with an average playtime of 18 hours for the top 1000 players and an insane average playtime of 70 hours for the top 100 players.

*UPDATE 1* Grim Defender has reached over 250.000 downloads on the Google Play Store, maintaining a 4,6 / 5 rating with over 7.000 reviews. Our players love the game!

Some Google Play Reviews

"A straight forward yet very tactic game that will take you from a very slow paced gameplay to a all out slaughter fest. 'Best of' defense phone apps." - a happy player.

"Awesome game. So hard to find these good time wasters. Good balance of reward vs grind. Not being forced ads and microtransactions is an absolute relief. Can't wait to see what comes in future updates." - another happy player.

"I like how precise the controls are, you don't need to purchase to progress, and there are many different ways/combinations (different kinds of crossbows, modules, spells, traps, etc.) to upgrade your castle as you advance through the levels. Other games have no skill involved, no creativity provided with how you upgrade and the usual abusive free-to-play shenanigans of the least appealing kind (too easy at the start that hook you up but impossible to progress further in unless you pay for the upgrades)." - awesome!

"Sort of old school, if you know what I mean. I would recommend it to anyone. Give it a shot, give it 10 levels. You will be hooked." - one more happy player.

"I lost my job because of this game." - a not so happy player.


Speed Trailer (2018)

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Gerhard Grimm
Project lead, game idea & design, development & programming.

Richard Stief
Graphics, animation, screenplay. Special thanks to Jan Siemen.

Yannick Gehlen
Logo design, splash screen, freelancer.

Will Savin
Music & SFX, freelancer.

Ilker Yoldas
Promotional video editor, freelancer.

Thomas Engelhard
Ideas, feedback, extensive testing. Mates & more.

This press kit was inspired by presskit() by Rami Ismail (Vlambeer) - also thanks to these fine folks.